Mission, Vision & Core Values

Montessori School of Silicon Valley voted best daycare preschoool in Milpitas Santa Clara Fremont San JoseMontessori School of Silicon Valley


The mission of the Montessori School of Silicon Valley is to develop the “whole child” by providing an enriched environment in which children can grow to fulfill their individual potential.

Activities in the Montessori classroom promote social skills, emotional growth and physical cognitive preparation as well as artistic and academic excellence.


By providing an education rich in the Montessori philosophy, children are able to realize their full potential as collaborative and independent learners.  An education that nurtures their intrinsic desire for life-long learning, as they become engaged and productive members of any community.

Core Values

The Montessori School of Silicon Valley offers a full implementation of Montessori nido, pre-primary, primary and elementary educational programs.

Montessori Philosophy

We embrace Maria Montessori’s beliefs that all children are born with the inherent ability to achieve their full potential; are active participants in their learning; benefit greatly from strong, integrated academic & enrichment programs and that the teacher is the dynamic link in this process.


Create a warm, welcoming, and peaceful learning environment where all children are respected and loved as unique individuals.

Welcome families as partners who are dedicated to the Montessori philosophy and by creating opportunities for them to actively participate in the successful education of their children.

Promote community and cultural awareness in our classroom environments, and celebrate the diversity of our students and staff.


Prepare a multi-age, child-focused, interactive learning environment that offers meaningful, productive, and gratifying work.

Allow children to learn using all aspects of their being and to freely choose their work.

Encourage exploration & reflection and offer opportunities for both individual and cooperative work.

Meet each child where they are by recognizing his or her individual strengths, needs, and interests

Tailor lessons accordingly and provide guidance so that each child can experience success and acquire skills without competition.


Cultivate each child’s ability to respect themselves, others, and the environment, and to become peaceful, compassionate community members.

Encourage and model the values we expect from all individuals, including respectfulness, honesty, integrity, good manners and peacefulness.

Attract, support, and retain teachers, staff, and families dedicated to fulfilling our mission for the benefit of the whole child.


Cultivate a joyful, enduring love of learning, while fostering independence, responsibility, and self-discipline.

Commit to continually improving, enhancing and refining all aspects of our educational programs and school management in order to responsibly serve the needs of the child.

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