Assistant Head of School

Tamara Taefu

Assistant Head of School

Main Street Montessori School of Silicon Valley

Prior to working with Montessori, I’ve worked in a wide range of environments relating to helping children.  I’ve worked as a middle school tutor, an extended care activity leader for Kinder and first graders, and just before working with Main Street – I was a residential counselor working with abused and neglected youth.

Though this is my first time working in a Montessori setting, what inspires me the most about being an Assistant Head of School is watching our children adapt to the Montessori method and seeing them make creative choices in the classroom that allow them to discover people, places, and knowledge, both in their community and in the world.

My favorite thing about being an Assistant Head of School is still having the opportunity to be in the classroom.  I’m able to do my job on the administrative side of things, but also continue to guide children into becoming their whole, unique, and individual selves.

In my spare time, I like to shop, cook, explore new restaurants, travel, clean, and organize.  If I had to name something quirky about myself, it would be that I’m left handed, and I always have to sit on the left side of the plane when I’m traveling.

Favorite place to travel to?  Oahu.  Because home (and my family) is where the heart is.