Executive Director Business Operations

Michael Harding

Executive Director Business Operations

The Montessori School of Silicon Valley

Montessori School Silicon Valley Business Operations

After 25 years in various sales and management roles in tech companies ranging from the iconic (Netscape, Sun Microsystems) to the eclectic (Informatica & SOASTA), from a Fortune 20 company (Hewlett Packard) to one with less than 20 employees (Spectrum Semiconductor), I decided it was time to pursue my long-time dream of building my own great company.

When I first met Colleen Noll I had heard of Montessori but generally thought of it as an Italian sports car – like Maserati.  Colleen quickly cleared up my misunderstanding and began to show me how powerful the Montessori method can be in developing independence and self-confidence in young children by simply focusing on developing a love of learning – something that is so important in a competitive world like ours, particularly here in the Bay Area.

Colleen and I began working together in 2009, opening the second location of MSOSV with the Crescent Montessori campus, a space that had previously been built and run as a child care center.

Within a few years, together we launched Main Street Montessori, transitioning the space from a large empty building into the beautiful school Main Street is today.

With the opening of our 4th campus in 2016, the Cabrillo Montessori School of Silicon Valley, it became obvious that it was time for me to commit to MSOSV full time.

A father of two teen age daughters, I fully appreciate the value and impact of a Montessori education for children of any age.

My mission is to insure all members of our school communities – children, parents and staff – have an excellent experience with The Montessori School of Silicon Valley.

Our goal is for The Montessori School of Silicon Valley to become the gold standard for quality of experience within a Montessori school community not only in the South Bay but across the US and beyond.