Enrichment Studios – Performance and Gallery

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At the end of the Studio Sessions,  the children will present an Art Gallery, showing the different mediums as well as have framed art for auction. The children in the Cooking Studio will prepare and serve the snacks and drinks to the guests.  Flowers, plants and other projects/slideshow will also be presented by the Gardening/Cooking Studio.  The children in the Music and Dance Studio will prepare a short performance for the families.  To help support the Studio Sessions, items will be auctioned and all proceeds will help to purchase the materials for the next Studio Sessions.  All work presented by the children are made with quality materials and supplies.

See Studio Schedule for classroom sessions

Each Studio is open from 4 pm to 6 pm daily.

Afternoon Enrichment Studio Staff:  Cooking and Gardening Studio Staff all possess Bachelor’s Degree, strong base in Montessori Education as well as early childhood education. Each staff member specializes in his/her studio program.