2018-19 Fee Schedule: All Locations

The Montessori School of Silicon Valley
Cabrillo * Calaveras * Crescent * Main Street

2018-19 School Year Fee Schedule
Effective February 1, 2018

Registration Fee: $200 due at time of enrollment

This fee is assessed per child enrolled and is non-refundable.  If child withdraws for extended period, a re-registration fee of $200 is assessed to return.

Annual Re-Enrollment Fee: $200 due February 1st – April 1st.

Registration at the school is on a “School Year” basis (Sept 1st thru June 30th).

To be guaranteed a reservation for the following school year, a new tuition agreement must be submitted and all applicable fees must be paid in full.

If this fee is not paid by April 1st, space may be made available to outside enrollment wait list.

The Re-Enrollment Fee is non-refundable and is assessed per child/student.

Please note: Current MSOSV families have priority for enrollment. Outside enrollment opens March 1st. Space is limited.

Annual Materials Fee: $200 due September 1st or at time of enrollment.

The Annual Materials Fee is non-refundable. The Materials Fee covers the cost of projects, activities and consumable materials such as food preparation, cultural celebrations & studies as well as art supplies in the classroom.   For mid-year enrollments (between February and April) the Annual Materials fee will be $150.

Annual Field Trip Fee: $100 due September 1st or at time of enrollment (Kindergarten only)

A schedule of planned field trips will be published at the beginning of the school year.

Tuition Rates: Cabrillo

Tuition Rates: Calaveras, Crescent & Main Street

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