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lead primary guide cabrillo montessori school silicon valleyKaren Nowak

Lead Guide Primary Classroom

Cabrillo Montessori School of Silicon Valley

As soon as I began college I knew I wanted to work with young children.

In 1994 as I began to work towards an associates degree in Early Childhood Education I started substitute teaching at several different preschool programs.

I also worked in a laboratory preschool at my community college where I was able to compare first hand different teaching philosophies.

I fell in love with Montessori and have been working in Montessori Education ever since. I loved Montessori because it looked at each child as an individual and always focuses the child’s needs first.

I went on to get my Bachelors Degree in Child Development at CSU Chico and I graduated in 2000 and moved to the Bay Area to take my Montessori teacher training at Saint Mary’s. College.

I also began my graduate work in Early Childhood education. I have worked in many different Montessori settings throughout my journey. I enjoyed working with children in a beautiful urban school in Oakland and most recently taught Primary aged students for 13 years at Valley Montessori in Livermore.

A little over a year ago I began the most amazing journey as I became a mother to my daughter.

We are both very excited to begin our Montessori journey together while we get to get to know the children at Cabrillo Montessori and watch them discover and learn as they begin their educational journey.