Introducing Montessori At Home

An authentic Montessori approach, led by certified Montessori educators, to give your child the education and community that nurtures their intrinsic desire for lifelong learning.

Our new virtual Montessori program brings the classroom to your home. Our program was designed to meet the educational and social needs of your young learner, and empower you with the support and guidance you need to make this experience a success for them. With MSOSV’s Montessori@Home, your child will enjoy a true Montessori curriculum at home through live virtual classrooms, activities, enrichment opportunities, and so much more.

  • Your child will get daily instruction from Montessori-certified teachers, and a tight-knit group of young friends to enjoy their learning journey with. From activities and enrichments, to an engaging daily virtual classroom and a library of rich content to keep young minds learning, your child will have everything they need to thrive.
  • You will get the expert guidance you need to make this time a success for your child. With an easy-to-implement educational approach, you’ll have the confidence of knowing your child is getting the best at-home Montessori experience. And you’ll have the support of our education and child care experts to make sure you’re always on the right track.
  • Your home will get educational care packages customized to what your child’s classroom is working on. Plus, important insight and tips from our Montessori educators on best practices for how to create a Montessori environment at home so it’s optimal for your child’s success.

Montessori@Home is a complete educational program that offers your child a top-level Montessori early childhood experience. Our exclusive platform makes your role in your child’s educational journey simple and intuitive. We streamline everything so you can focus on what’s important.

Everything you need, at your fingertips.

Imagine rich Montessori resources, customized for your children’s age and stage of development: guides, activities, ideas, and so much more. We create all of the important elements for your child, and make it easy for you to implement and access your new Montessori setup at home.

Program Elements

Our Montessori@Home virtual classrooms offer customized learning based on your child’s development.

  • Live Virtual Classroom Your child will enjoy teacher-guided learning sessions. They’ll sing songs, read books, and play alongside their virtual classmates.
  • Weekly Montessori Syllabus Every week you’ll see a new syllabus that guides you towards the week’s activities in five key areas: Practical Life,  Art and Music, Sensory Learning, Reading, and Exploring Outdoors.
  • Curated Resources We put together insightful resources to help you do the most during this time with your child.
  • On-demand Videos You’ll have access to a full library of videos, recorded by your child’s teacher for their classroom.
  • Activities You’ll have access to printable Montessori materials to dive deeper into Montessori activities at home with your child, and enhance their learning adventure.

With Montessori@Home, your child’s at-home Montessori preschool experience is customized to their age and stage of development:

For Children Age 3-4, Primary Program

  • Home learning environment suggestions from our Montessori guides.
  • A full day of suggestions to provide your child with an authentic Montessori experience: Primary-focused routine, schedule, and activities.
  • Two live classroom sessions every day; circle time, games and special enrichment activities.
  • On-demand lessons and resources; reading time, songs, and more.
  • Recommendations to get your child immersed in deep learning through independent activities.

For Children Age 4-5, Kindergarten Program

  • At-home classroom setup suggestions from our Montessori guides for kindergartners.
  • A full day of suggestions to provide your child with an authentic Montessori kindergarten experience
  • Two live classroom work periods to provide your child with academic lessons and guidance.
  • Recommendations to get your child immersed in deep learning through independent activities..
  • Live a la cart enrichment classes.
  • Weekly afternoon virtual socials.

Montessori@Home Quick Start Video Guide for Parents

Parent Support

We want to empower you to feel confident through your child’s early education journey with us. As a Montessori@Home parent, we’re here to support you. With decades of experience in early childhood, we’re your resource to help you make the most of this time. From recommendations about daily routines and structure, to tips on incorporating the Montessori method at home, and tweaking the learning environment for your child’s independence, we’re here to guide you to what will work best for your family.

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