Planning for the 2020-21 School Year

Dear Current & Future MSOSV Parents, 

We hope you and your family are all healthy and have found ways to navigate these unprecedented and challenging times.   At the Montessori School of Silicon Valley, our focus on health & safety, agility, and open communication have carried us through the Shelter-In-Place experience. 

In mid-March when it became clear that brick & mortar school operations had to be suspended for the health and safety of all children, parents, and staff, MSOSV demonstrated incredible agility by crafting unique content that we then delivered via our Learn @ Home program to keep our young learners engaged while school was closed. 

On May 18th, we resumed operations at all four of our campus locations following the relevant orders from the CDC, the State of California, the County of Santa Clara, and the cities of Milpitas and Santa Clara.    

By implementing concierge drop off and pick up service, limited group sizes, social distancing, and other enhanced health & safety protocols we have been able to gradually ramp up the number of children in our schools every week. 

As we head into the fall, we will continue to enroll families who are willing to adhere to our new model.  Part of this involves a change in our enrollment process where we are offering virtual tours of our schools to prospective families via Zoom.   

While implemented initially to minimize the number of individuals entering the school classrooms, we are finding that parents very much appreciate the flexibility that the Zoom platform provides since it eliminates the need to physically visit the campus to take a tour. 

Which just goes to show you that there is indeed a silver lining in every cloud. 🙂 

Every week since resuming operations in mid-May, we have seen more and more children returning to school.  I am proud to say that everyone currently in our schools is safe and healthy.   

Montessori school classrooms are designed with specialized educational materials to provide an environment tailor-made to provide children independence of movement within a controlled environment where health and safety are paramount. 

Children are eager for knowledge and feel very comfortable in this environment something that we feel will become more and more important with all the uncertainty in today’s world.  The opportunity to socialize within their groups is equally important to all children’s emotional and social development. 

If you are a parent who wants their children cared for in a loving, peaceful, safe, and healthy environment that will foster their child’s love of learning and sense of independence, we invite you to schedule time to learn more about the Montessori School of Silicon Valley.

Colleen Noll
Founder & Executive Director 

The County of Santa Clara Public Health Department Also Wants You To Know…

(Information From: The published report COVID-19 PREPARED by The County of Santa Clara Public Health Department)

COVID-19 Published Studies Suggest:

COVID-19 disease prevalence among children is lower than in adults, and children who contract COVID-19 are more likely than adults to be asymptomatic or to have very mild symptoms.

In several studies, children were less likely to be the first case within a household, suggesting that child-to-adult transmission may be less common than adult-to-child transmission.

In other countries, where schools remained open or have recently reopened, cases in schoolchildren have been associated with few secondary cases in the school, suggesting that child-to-child transmission may also not be as significant as with influenza.

Analysis of data broken down further by age show that these trends are seen more in younger children compared to teenagers, whose disease patterns more closely parallel those of adults.

A Short Video Clip From June 30th, 2020 Showing County of Santa Clara Public Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody On The Role Of Children and Young People Transmitting COVID-19

“We recognize the importance of returning students to school campuses for in-person instruction, as well as the overarching need to protect the health and safety of our students, school staff, and broader community.”
– Dr. Sara Cody

“Education, just like healthcare and food provision, is an essential service in our community, and as such, the reopening of school campuses for in-person instruction with strict safety protocols should be prioritized.”
– Dr. Sara Cody

“As schools prepare to resume in-person instruction, schools should also ensure plans are in
place for remote instruction for students who may need to isolate or quarantine, as well as
students who are medically fragile or who have a household member who is medically fragile.”
– Dr. Sara Cody

Here Is What Our Families Are Saying About Us During These Times…

“There’s a well known saying “it takes a village to raise a child” and Cabrillo Montessori is my village. My son has been attending since he was 2 years old and continues to have an amazing experience; one that is balanced in academia and life skills. The teaching staff are enthusiastic about learning, calm, and compassionate. They are truly invested in the children’s well being which is comforting to know as a working parent.

Most notable has been the management and teachers response during the COVID pandemic. They have rallied together to create and implement a distance learning program for kids at home. It follows the same curriculum, includes group circle time, book readings, music lessons and so much more. This has helped my son feel connected to his friends and teachers during a time of anxiety and the unknown. I’m so grateful for all the ways Cabrillo Montessori has and continues to positively impact our lives! They truly are our village and we can’t imagine parenting and raising our child without their support!”

– L’s mom

“Crescent Montessori has been a lifeline for our family. We are extremely grateful to you and the entire staff and teachers for all the work you are doing for the families.”

-A & C’s dad

“You all have been working so hard and it’s evident. The Learning at Home program has definitely encouraged us to create more independence for R around the house. I shared that to let you know that your work goes beyond the pics I share (which I’m sure you know) and we realize this and we’re so grateful! Thank you for helping to nourish our most precious seed ;)”

– R’s family

“P enjoys working on the many tasks that you have been sharing. We are excited about the Learn @ home program. The handbook is very informative and helpful. Thank you for all the hard work you put into daily. It is greatly appreciated. P is so happy to see his teachers and friends in the pictures. He loves watching the videos made by his teachers everyday and singing along to the songs.”

– P’s mom

“Thanks to you and the Crescent staff for the Learn at Home material and all that you do: reaching out to the kids, zoom scheduling and updating the children’s pictures. The material has been extremely helpful keeping the lessons consistent with class, thank you. We hope the rest of the year goes smoothly and everyone stays healthy.”

-P’s mom