Wait List Policy

Wait List PolicyWait List Policy for Nido and Pre-Primary 

The length of our wait list varies from class to class. Given the high demand for high quality childcare in the South Bay, we encourage you to get on the wait list as early as possible.

Schedule a tour of the school site

All tour requests must be submitted via our website:Contact Us

Our Site Director will then reach out to you to confirm a time and date.

Tour the school site

Meet the staff, observe the classrooms, get familiar with the school so that you make sure that it is the best fit for you and your child.

Get added to the wait list

Complete the MSOSV Application form and pay the $50 administrative fee.

Stay in touch

You will receive periodic notices as to the availability of open spots in the school.

It is very important that you review these updates so that you are prepared to complete the enrollment process when a spot becomes available.

Schedule your child’s first day

When space becomes available, we will contact families based on the waitlist priorities detailed in the FAQ below.

Once you are notified of an open spot in one of our class rooms, you will have three days to confirm that you intend to enroll your child in the open spot.

If you do not confirm within three days of being notified the opening will be offered to the next family on the list.

When you confirm that you will be enrolling your child, you must commit that your child’s first day will be within two weeks of being notified of the open spot.

To be fair to everyone on the wait list, we cannot hold spots for longer than two weeks

Enrollment is not confirmed until the remaining $150 of the Registration fee is paid and a completed enrollment packet has been submitted to the Site Director.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is the order of priority determined?

A. Top priority is given to the progression of existing children in their school from room to room based on their age/starting date.

The second priority is given to children who have siblings enrolled in MSOSV ahead of our children on our waiting list.

In the case where there are two children with siblings at MSOSV and only one spot is available, the family with the earliest starting date has the seniority to enroll.

The third priority is given to the progression of children at other MSOSV sites to transfer to a vacant spot based on age/starting date.

Our waiting list is based on the date of registration. Families are considered for openings in the school based on the start month(s) parents have indicated to us.

If a family has not been enrolled by the month requested they will remain on the waiting list.

Each spot that becomes available will be offered to families based on the seniority on the waiting list if it is the month they have requested.

The availability of space in our program depends largely on current child transitions, which are based on each child’s individual development and age.

We work hard to match-up the transitions of current children in our care with enrollment of new children.

While we do our very best to enroll as many children as possible, we may not be able to enroll every child on their chosen enrollment date.

Q. If we don’t get a spot, is the $50 wait list fee refundable?

A. Since the wait list fee goes towards the administrative cost of running the transition list and wait list, it is not refundable.

The $50 fee is applied to the registration fee of $200 once enrollment has been offered and accepted.

The start date is selected and the first month tuition is paid.

Q. How often do you update families on their wait list status?

A. We strive to update all families at least 6 weeks notice before their requested start date.

Some families email us regularly for updates and others wait for us to email them.

Q. If I leave a voice mail or send an email to check on our status, how quickly will you respond?

A. We make every effort to respond to all inquiries within a week of receiving them.

Emails receive the fastest response time.

Given the volume of interest in our schools, we do NOT recommend calling the school for wait list updates.

Q. How far in advance do you fill a spot?

AWe make every effort enroll children 6 weeks prior to their start date.

Q. How do I confirm that I want a spot when I am notified of an opening?

A. Once enrollment is offered for a specific start date, the space will be saved when the tuition for the first month is paid.

It is understood that once paid, tuition will not be refunded unless the next child on the wait list takes the forfeited space on the designated date.

Q. What do Nido, Pre-Primary and Primary mean?

A. Our Nido room is for ages 6 weeks to age 2.

Pre-Primary is for children ages 2 to 3 years.

Primary is for children ages 3 to 6 years and includes our Kindergarten program.

Please note that this ages are used as the guideline and not the rule.

Each child is transition based on each child’s individual needs.

Q. How do I get answers to all of my other questions?

A. Come visit us! Schedule a tour here:Contact Us