Admissions Process

Application Process

An essential step in the application process at the Montessori School of Silicon Valley is to tour the campus and participate in an observation of the classroom community.


Attend a Campus Tour


Participate in a Child Observation


Submit Admissions Application and Registration Fee


Attend Registration Meeting and Child Visit

  • Admissions Guidelines

    The Montessori School of Silicon Valley Admissions Guidelines serve to ensure both the school and family make continuing efforts to embrace the Montessori philosophy.

    A key step to a child having a successful learning experience is for families to understand the philosophy and core values of the school. Successful long term family/school relationships typically result when this understand begins prior to admission.

    To that end, we help parents learn about the Montessori approach by providing multiple opportunities for parent education as part of the application process.

    This better enables parents to make an informed decision in choosing whether or not to initially enroll their child at one of our schools. Parent education then continues throughout a family’s years at the school.

    Once children are enrolled, parents are expected to attend regularly scheduled parent-teacher conferences and parent education events.

    Our most successful parents also familiarize themselves with the philosophy, policies, and procedures contained in the Parent Handbook and resources provided by the Montessori School of Silicon Valley.

  • Interest List Policy

    We enroll year-round if there is a spot available for your child in the appropriate classroom and program. If there is not a spot available for the timeline you are interested in, you will be invited to join our Interest List. Once a spot becomes available, we will reach out to families on the list in the order that they joined. There is no fee to join the Interest List. Spots are reserved quickly, so we ask that you be ready to come in for a tour, attend and observation and submit an application. Once you application has been approved, we ask that you give us an answer within 3 business days of receiving the Letter of Acceptance. If we do not get an answer within the specified time, we will move to the next family on the list.