Cabrillo Montessori

Founded in 2016 Cabrillo Montessori is nestled in the heart of Santa Clara, with easy access to all major expressways and freeways.

Cabrillo Montessori offers a fully implemented Montessori Program for children ages 2 through Kindergarten.

What is most unique about Cabrillo Montessori besides spacious classrooms and wonderful staff, is the expansive playground areas, garden, grass and outdoor classroom environments.  Children wait patiently to pick the fresh peaches from the tree and have fun carrying the fully grown pumpkins through the yard.


2495 Cabrillo Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95051
Phone: (408) 418-3568

Programs Offered At This Location


Ages 2-3


Ages 3-5


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What Our Families Are Saying…

  • Parents of Addie, Class of 2019

    I whole heartedly recommend the Kindergarten program at Cabrillo Montessori. The close knit community has been great for my daughter and her love for learning has only increased since joining. She can now read short books on her own, and I have been impressed with her progress on arithmetic as well. My daughter is kind and respectful, values that are emphasized daily at Cabrillo. The field trips are always exciting, and they have a lot of fun!

  • AJ & Danielle

    Cabrillo Montessori strikes the perfect balance between promoting independence and fostering a fun and caring community for our little one. Here, we are confident she is learning useful life skills every day. As difficult as it is to part with our 2 year old in any circumstance, it feels great to send her into a clean, warm classroom with lots of loving smiles around. It sure is a testament to how the right amount of structure serves the children well whenever we walk in and they are each peacefully working on their own tasks, but also just as awesome to see them in circle time or at the playground having a great time together.

  • Tomoyo

    My child loves it here. She always talks about something new and I learn something new too! The teachers are so nice, I don’t know anything about Montessori when I started a year ago and now my child I can see it working. I love Montessori. Thank you Ms. Milinh.

  • Andrew & June - Parents of Ann, Class of 2019

    I remember my own kindergarten year well. We learned to tie our shoes (-this was before velcro :), made applesauce and paper mache Easter baskets and took naps each day on blankets on the floor. I am sure I probably learned the letters of the alphabet and some counting of numbers. Ann may not remember all the details of her kindergarten year when she is older, but she will have reaped the benefits of her time in this Montessori oriented curriculum many times over. During the past year I see her developing a deeper enthusiasm for learning new things and being excited about "what's next" in her kindergarten class. She is already able to read books at the pre-K and Step 1 books and counts to 120 (-frequently). More importantly, she understands the concepts behind the words she knows and the numbers she can articulate. Ann will invariably ask me "what does ________ mean?" when she hears a new word or phrase in a book, movie or song and she will remember most or all of my explanations. We have many conversations about the library books we read to her, the characters' motivations in stories and her own thoughts about the world and the things she encounters from day to day. All this is to say that I think Ann's time in Cabrillo Kindergarten is helping her to grow in her love of learning and provides her with the tools to succeed admirably in first grade and beyond. So if you happen to be listening to Paul Simon's song, You Can Call Me Al, and your child asks you the meaning of "incidents and allegations," you can thank her/his Montessori education. Thank You all!

  • Divya

    Our son started at Cabrillo Montessori when he turned two. It is amazing to see how he has blossomed from being a shy, anxious child to a confident little toddler in a matter of few months. We had researched long and hard before deciding on Cabrillo Montessori and we are extremely glad we chose this school. Its really nice to see teachers being so passionate and professional in what they do. They are montessori certified as well! Their understanding of children and their respect for individuality and uniqueness of each child is evident in the way my son is thriving! We trust them completely and feel like we are working with them closely as a team for the progress of our son. We like how the curriculum is centered towards emotional and social well being of the child as well as academic. My son's vocabulary and emotional awareness has increased leaps and bounds. At an age where children often have big feelings, my son is better able to articulate them and manage them all by himself and this sometimes amazes me! We liked how the atmosphere in the classroom is bright, airy, clean and spacious. How activities like age appropriate gardening and cooking are utilized to teach skills and qualities like independence, empathy, respect for the environment and community. We are grateful to the director, the teachers and the support staff for being warm, compassionate and so so driven in what they do and we highly recommend Cabrillo Montessori!

  • Pryush and Aparna Sharma

    This was our first and only pre-school experience. Ever since we enrolled him, we saw great improvements in his independence and confidence. The combination of the Montessori teaching methods and philosophy has allowed my child to excel both academically and personally. We can be at ease when he is at school knowing he is cared for, and safe. We feel extremely blessed to have found such a wonderful group of teachers and staff. And here is the litmus test: after observing my child, if people often ask about the name of the school he goes to, it could only mean that Cabrillo MSOSV is amazing, period!

  • Parents of Madden

    Cabrillo’s Kindergarten program is amazing! Cabrillo Kindergarten program gave Madden the flexibility to learn and challenge herself daily at her own pace. She had a nurturing learning environment with teaching professionals who truly cared about her. Cabrillo’s program has given her the tools to be a compassionate and intelligent young girl! Unfortunately, our family relocated out of state and Madden transitioned to another school. We would have loved for her to complete her school year if the circumstances were different.

Staff Photos and Bios

Milinh Villanueva

Head of School

After spending four years as the Head of School at our Calaveras campus, Ms. Milinh transitioned into the role of Head of School at the Cabrillo Montessori School of Silicon Valley in 2016.

Her passion for working with children started from a very early age, propelling her into a career and lifestyle dedicated to putting children first.

In 2003, Ms. Milinh began working with children. Her career began with ages ranging from infancy through Kindergarten and with developmental abilities ranging from typically developing to special needs.

Her credentials include a Master’s degree in Montessori Education, a Bachelor’s degree reflecting special and early childhood education and a American Montessori Society (AMS) credential in Primary Education.

As both a Head of School and a mother of a child who attended Montessori school, she believes in the Montessori philosophy wholeheartedly. She believes the Montessori Method is more than just an approach to learning academics; it is the way of developing the child as a whole, building their independence and confidence to thrive in society.

Her passion for teaching Montessori stemmed from the philosophy, but it is the love as a mother that affirms it is truly an education for life.

Rosie Salas

Lead Primary Guide

Assistant Head of School

Ms. Rosie Salas,  is the Lead Primary Guide in the Sequoia classroom at Cabrillo Montessori School of Silicon Valley. In 2019, Ms. Rosie began to pursue a long-time goal of becoming an Assistant Head of School. She coordinates her time between the classroom and gaining experience in the office. 

She was born and raised in Santa Clara and is married with two children.

Her journey in Early Childhood Education began in 2005 as an assistant teacher. She knew at a very young age that she wanted to become a teacher and work with young children.

In 2013, she completed her Montessori degree in Early Childhood Primary and received her credentials from the American Montessori Society.

Montessori is a big part of her life not only at Cabrillo Montessori School, but also at home with her own children.

Supporting children to achieve their highest potential has been very rewarding for her. She believes that children learn best in a nurturing environment where they feel free to be creative and express themselves.

Amanda Wagner

Lead Primary Guide

Ms. Amanda Wagner in the Lead Primary Guide in the Yellowstone classroom at Cabrillo Montessori School of Silicon Valley.

She has always enjoyed working with children and their families. Her very first job was with the Children’s Discovery Museum of Downtown San Jose. For over four years, she worked various positions within the museum that allowed her to facilitate learning through fun and exploration.

Since beginning her career in 2001, she worked as a Behavior Management Tutor, facilitating the growth and development of children on the spectrum.

In addition, she advocated for children by teaching conflict resolution skills and child development as part of an intervention program.

In 2008, she received my A.A. degree in General Studies then graduated from San Jose State University in 2012 with her bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

While she spent countless hours with her nose in a book, she also enjoyed learning how to surf, salsa dance, and whip up a healthy gluten-free meal!

In 2014, she began one of the most valuable learning experiences of her life; she had her son and started her own little family. He has now begun his own adventure as an Montessori child at the Montessori School of Silicon Valley!

Nayeli Gurrola

Lead PrePrimary Guide

Ms. Nayeli “Nelly” Gurrola is a Pre-Primary Lead Guide in the Pinnacles classroom at Cabrillo Montessori School of Silicon Valley. She has lived in the Bay Area her entire life.

She has both an A.A. degree in Child Development and Liberal Arts, as well as an AMI Montessori Assistant certificate.

She began working with children in 2011 as an assistant teacher in a toddler classroom at an AMI Montessori school.

Her experience working with children has helped her develop as a teacher.

She is very excited to continue her training and education in a Montessori Pre-Primary environment.

She feels privileged to be in children’s lives during their sensitive periods, guiding and nurturing them in a superb Montessori environment.

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