Offered here at our Calaveras Montessori location to children 6 weeks thru 2 years of age


Offered here at our Calaveras location to children 2 thru 3 years of age


Offered here at our Calaveras location to children 3 years thru 5 years of age


Offered here at our Calaveras location to children 3 thru 6 years of age


Calaveras Montessori School of Silicon Valley

Founded in 2002, the Calaveras Montessori School of Silicon Valley shares a campus with the Milpitas Unified School District offices. 

Our school proudly offers comprehensive programs to the families of Milpitas, catering to children aged 6 weeks to 6 years. At the Calaveras Montessori School of Silicon Valley, we boast fully integrated Montessori environments across our Nido, Pre-Primary, Primary, and Kindergarten classrooms.


1331 E Calaveras Blvd
Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone: (408) 945-1331

Programs Offered At This Location


Ages Infant-2

Pre Primary

Ages 2-3


Ages 3-5


Ages 5-6

What Our Families Are Saying…

The Elsibai Family

  • Tess and Manuel Florez, Parents of Jesse and Sierra

    We’ve had our twins at Calaveras Montessori, and then here at Crescent Montessori since the age of 2 ½ years old. They’re now 5 ½ and currently attend Kindergarten here. In the beginning our son was “wild” to say the least, but the structure along with allowing him to learn and do things at his own pace has greatly calmed him down and facilitated a sense of order to his previously chaotic method of learning and doing things. As for our daughter, she has just flourished because she is allowed to do things on her own and go at her own pace. She is not held back and she is given the opportunity to soar ahead without feeling pressured to slow down or stop. Like most parents we did struggle somewhat in the decision of taking them out of Crescent and put them in the public school for Kindergarten. We decided we wanted them to complete their third year in the classroom and give the chance to be the “big kids” of the school. They greatly benefitted from the experiences and rewards that came with being the kindergarteners. If we had to do it all over again, we wouldn’t change a thing. We’ve been amazed by how much our children have learned and what they know compared to other Kindergarteners we know and come into contact with, not only academically but also in practical life and social skills. We highly recommend keeping your child/ children at Crescent for Kindergarten. This environment has been crucial to our children’s success and development.

  • Parent

    An incredible learning environment” “Calaveras has been an incredible learning environment for my children. They have not only grown academically, they have also gained important social and leadership skills. It’s wonderful to see how they approach new problems with confidence and creativity.

  • Joanna – mother of Sasha and Talia

    Calaveras’s low student-to-teacher ratios, along with the flexibility and skill of the teachers, have allowed each of my children to flourish, even though they have different personalities and learning styles. I’m convinced that Calaveras gives them the solid foundation they’ll need to be successful in their future endeavors.

  • Jennifer C

    Both my kids attended Calaveras Montessori. The staff is well trained and trustworthy.

  • Kathy H

    This school actually teaches their kids functional life skills.

Staff Photos and Bios

Amanda Wagner

Head of School

Ms. Amanda was born and raised in the Bay Area and began working for Montessori School of Silicon Valley in 2015 as an Assistant Teacher, but was quickly promoted to a Lead Guide. After many years in the classroom, Ms. Amanda found that she should share her expertise by guiding other teachers and Lead Guides as she became the Head of School at Calaveras Montessori School in 2020.

In 2008, she received her Associate’s Degree in General Studies and soon after, graduated from San Jose State University with her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

While Ms. Amanda has always enjoyed working with children, the birth of her son was the root of her inspiration to becoming a teacher and now Head of School. The beauty of the Montessori environment, the independent students, the sense of community and the emphasis on the process of developing the whole child within the Montessori Method really appealed to her. After falling in love with the Montessori Method, Ms. Amanda realized the traditional educational setting was not for her and it was no question that her working in a Montessori school was her calling so in 2017 Ms. Amanda earned her Montessori Teaching Credential from the Montessori Teacher Education Center.

Out of all the wonderful things of being the Head of School at Calaveras Montessori, Ms. Amanda’s favorite part of her job is having the privilege to assist children and their families through each of their own unique Montessori journeys. She finds it very rewarding to be able to observe children’s growth in independence, to nurture and celebrate their individuality and do her part to foster peace within the community.

In Ms. Amanda’s spare time, she enjoys being with her family whether that be building Legos with her son, cooing at her baby daughter or eating a delicious homemade gluten-free meal with her husband. She also spends countless hours with her nose buried in books and enjoys learning how to surf and salsa dance.

Jocelyn Villanueva Quiones

Assistant Head of School

Ms. Jocelyn joined the Montessori School of Silicon Valley in May 2021 as an Assistant Teacher at our Calaveras location. She took some time off to finish school and in December 2022 she received her Bachelor of Science in Childhood and Adolescent Development with a minor in Deaf Education from San Jose State University. We are so glad to have her back at Calaveras in a dual role of Assistant Teacher in our Primary Community as well as Assistant Head of School.

Her inspiration to become a teacher and then Assistant Head of School stemmed from her desire to contribute to the well-being of children while also providing support to the school community as a whole. Witnessing a child’s growth and transformation into the unique individual they are becoming brings Ms. Jocelyn immense joy. She especially enjoys spending time with the children and observing their progress. It’s so exciting to see their faces light up with understanding as they grasp new concepts.

During her free time, Ms. Jocelyn enjoys taking walks around her neighborhood, hiking at places like Alum Rock, and playing video games with her siblings. On occasion you can also find her relaxing on the couch, binge watching her favorite TV show. She is also a picky eater and isn’t a fan of seafood even though she loves watching the ocean whenever she’s at the beach. Another fun fact, Ms. Jocelyn loves doing DIY (do-it-yourself) projects, crafting, and coming up with new ideas for events and celebrations.

Valerie Rodriguez

Lead Primary Guide

Ms. Valerie joined the Montessori School of Silicon Valley team at our Calaveras location in May 2022 as an assistant in our Primary community. She was recently promoted to Lead Primary Guide and we are excited to have her leading our Primary community here at Calaveras starting with the September 2022 school year. Prior to joining MSOSV Ms. Valerie was a tutor for two years.

In May 2021 Ms. Valerie received her Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies from Sonoma State University through their Hutchins program. To further broaden her Montessori skills and knowledge; she is currently enrolled in two classes through Theoria Technical College and will also be taking the Montessori Beginnings course through the Center for Guided Montessori Studies.

What inspires her most about being part of a Montessori community is the ability to find each child’s strengths and weaknesses and then helping them create an educational goal that is unique to the child, because all children learn differently. As a teacher, one of her favorite things is being able to form strong connections with the children while learning all about them as individuals.

In her free time you’ll most likely find Ms. Valerie at the gym, dancing, reading, or hanging out with her friends.

Fun fact: Ms. Valerie is a Sagittarius and she used to work at Starbucks. Since she knew how to make all her favorite Starbucks drinks from her time there, after she left she decided to buy an espresso machine so she could continue enjoying her favorited from the comfort of her home!

Michelle Ramirez

Lead Pre Primary Guide

Ms. Michelle joined the Montessori School of Silicon Valley in September 2021 as an Assistant in our Pre Primary community here at our Calaveras location. In June 2022 she was promoted to Lead Pre Primary Guide.

Before coming to MSOSV she was a Behavioral Management Therapist for 2.5 years after having earned her Bachelor’s from San Jose State University in Child Development Preparation for Teaching. She is currently taking Montessori Beginnings through the Center for Guided Montessori Studies.

Ms. Michelle spent a lot of time babysitting while in high school and throughout college, which made her realize that being a part of making children smile was something she really enjoyed. This inspired her to go into teaching, where she discovered she wanted to be a part of the early development for young children.

She finds it fulfilling to know that she’s able to be a part of their development and independence, which brings her lots of joy. One of the most heartwarming things for her is seeing that even on a child’s toughest day, they are learning and growing so much! It’s constantly inspiring to her observing the children learn, grow, begin to talk, write, and then being able to have full conversations.

When she’s not busy at school, Ms. Michelle enjoys spending time with her guinea pig, Oreo. You can also find her baking or shopping at Target.

Patti Silva

Lead Nido Guide

Ms. Patti joined Montessori School of Silicon Valley in September 2021 at our Calaveras location as an aide. We are so excited to watch her continued journey having taken on the role of Nido Lead Guide in March 2022. Prior to joining the MSOSV team she spent two years gaining invaluable experience working with young children at Rugrats Day Care.

She is currently completing her Early Childhood Education degree through Theoria Technical College. Some of Ms. Patti’s courses include Infant Toddler Development & Care, Child Family & Community, Child Growth Development as well as Preventative Health.

Ms. Patti is constantly inspired as she witnesses the different stages of development in each child. Seeing their smiling faces as they walk through the door each day, eager to learn, and observing their unique personalities shine brings her an immense amount of joy.

In her free time you’ll find Ms. Patti scrolling Pinterest for ideas for her next drawing and painting, or just sitting on the couch reading her favorite book!

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