Cantera Montessori

The Montessori School of Silicon Valley is opening its new Cantera location in Georgetown TX. We are proud to bring our Montessori programs to new families. This new location offers an exclusively authentic Montessori education to children ages 0-6 years old. Nestled in an idyllic location, we look forward to helping children here thrive in their full potential.


4400 W State Hwy 29
Georgetown, TX 78628
(512) 948-7199


Programs Coming To This Location


Ages Infant-2


Ages 2-3


Ages 3-6

Introducing Cantera Opal Families

With the opening of our new Georgetown location, we are proud to announce the start of our Cantera Opal Families. These founding families will be an integral part of these new programs, foundational to what we’re going to mean to the community.

As the very first members of our new school community, Cantera Families will be those who:

  • represent the meaning and properties of leading life in a bright direction.
  • focus on positive thoughts and emotions that enable their children’s educational journey to be bright and full of life.
  • embrace innovative ideas that Dr. Maria Montessori formulated which develop a child’s independence and love of learning.
Contact us today to learn more about our Cantera Opal Families program, and get more information.

Staff Photos and Bios

Milinh Villanueva

Head of School

Ms. Milinh joined Montessori School of Silicon Valley as Head of School  at our Calaveras location. After spending four years there, she transitioned into the role of Head of School at our Cabrillo location in 2016. And now after almost 9 years with MSOSV we are so excited that she will be helping us start our newest Cantera Montessori location in Georgetown, Texas as Head of School!

Her passion for working with children started from a very early age, propelling her into a career and lifestyle dedicated to putting children first.

In 2003, Ms. Milinh began working with children. Her career began with ages ranging from infancy through Kindergarten and with developmental abilities ranging from typically developing to special needs. She gained varied experience from teaching in child care centers to working as an ABA therapist in clinic settings.

Her credentials include a Master’s degree in Montessori Education, a Bachelor’s degree reflecting special and early childhood education and a American Montessori Society (AMS) credential in Primary Education.

As both a Head of School and a mother of a child who attended Montessori school, she believes in the Montessori philosophy wholeheartedly. She believes the Montessori Method is more than just an approach to learning academics; it is the way of developing the child as a whole, building their independence and confidence to thrive in society.

Her favorite part is being the observer to their journey, she loves watching the children have their “Ah-Ha!” moments when they figure out something that is meaningful to them, whether it be resolving how to handle a spill or how to figure out a really tricky multiplication problem.

Ms. Milinh’s passion for teaching Montessori stemmed from the philosophy, but it is the love as a mother that affirms it is truly an education for life.

During her free time you can find her strolling through farmers’ markets, attending live concerts or musicals, star gazing, running, and if you’re lucky you might hear Ms. Milinh and her son belting out some car-eoke on their weekend drive.

Coming Soon

Assistant Head of School

Check back for information about our Assistant Head of School that will be assisting Ms. Milinh as we open our Cantera Montessori location.

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Nestled in a private cul-de-sac just off Texas State Highway 29, finding the Cantera location can be a little challenging the first time you visit. Here are some instructions to help make it easier:

Our address:

4400 West State Highway 29 (WSH-29)
Georgetown, TX 78628


Approaching from the direction of I-35

Including Georgetown, Seranda, Jarrell, New Corn Hill, Walburg, Weir, Jonah, Hutto, Round Rock, Brushy Creek, Florence

Driving on the west bound lane towards Liberty Hill, Cantera Montessori is located in the Cantera Office Park approximately 4 miles from the WSH-29 / I-35 interchange.

The entrance to the Cantera Office Park is across the highway from the beautiful Crescent Bluff housing development which you cant miss given the HUGE sign at their entrance.

As you drive west on WSH-29, watch for the Estancia Way intersection which is just under a half mile from the entrance to the Cantera Office Park. As you see the Crescent Bluff sign approach on the left, you will want to get in the right lane, slow down and look for the signs to the entrance to the Cantera Office Park on your right. Turn right onto Cantera and you will find the school at the far end of the cul-de-sac. You cant miss us as we are currently the only building in the cul-de-sac.


Approaching from the direction of the 183 Toll Road and Ronald Reagan Blvd

Including Liberty Hill, Leander, Cedar Park, Brushy Creek, Andice, Mahomet

Driving in the east bound lane towards Georgetown Cantera Montessori is located in the Cantera Office Park approximately 7 miles from the WSH-29 / 183 interchange and approximately 4 miles from the WSH-29 intersection with Ronald Reagan Blvd.

Driving east on WSH-29 you will pass several housing developments including the gorgeous Cimarron Hills development on your left. 1-2 miles from there you will approach a traffic light at the Cedar Hollow intersection at which point you will begin to slow down and move into the turning lane in anticipation of making a left hand turn.

Look for the signs to the entrance to the Cantera Office Park and turn left into Cantera and you will find the school at the opposite end of the cul-de-sac. You can’t miss us as we are currently the only building in the cul-de-sac.