Our Leadership

The Montessori School of Silicon Valley Leadership

Yukha Lam-Khoo

Director of Operations

Yukha is originally from Ohio and attended College of Wooster, earning her bachelor’s degree in International Relations. Prior to joining The Montessori School of Silicon Valley (MSOSV), she had an extensive retail career in Management and Operations for over 15 years.

Yukha became intrigued by the Montessori method during her high school years and knew she wanted to her children to be part of a Montessori community. After seeing her son thrive at our Crescent Montessori campus, she wanted to become more involved.

She joined MSOSV in 2017 as the Operations Manager and was quickly promoted to the Director of Operations. She has been enthusiastic to apply her corporate background to many of the Operations and HR functions at MSOSV.

Yukha loves being able to help the Heads of School and teachers, enabling them to spend more time in the classrooms and with the students.

Melissa Wyant

Program Director

Melissa Wyant is the Program Director of The Montessori School of Silicon Valley (MSOSV).

As Program Director, Melissa brings her Montessori knowledge and leadership skills to each of our four campus locations. In this role Melissa leads the four MSOSV Heads of School to ensure the full implementation of Montessori Primary Programs consistently at all locations.

From a very early age, Melissa knew she wanted to work with children in some capacity. Ultimately, she found her true calling in management, working with families and teachers alike to truly impact the lives of each individual child.

Having been introduced to the philosophy in college, Melissa began to explore and subsequently fall in love with Montessori. Shortly after graduating with her degree in Child Development from San Jose State in 2013, she took the next steps in her personal Montessori journey with MSOSV.

At the Montessori School of Silicon Valley, Melissa earned her Primary Montessori Teaching Credential in 2016. While working on her Montessori Credential, she spent time working in every job inside of a school at multiple MSOSV campus locations. These experiences became a large part of what enabled Melissa to be an effective leader in our Montessori community and eventually to become Primary Program Director in 2019.

What inspires Melissa most about the Montessori education is the philosophy of the whole child. The concept that education should be beyond academics and treat the child as an independent individual strongly resonated with her. Having the opportunity to guide and support the development of each child’s love of learning is what provides her the greatest joy as a Montessori educator.

Joyce Brown

Director of Teacher Education & Mentoring

Being both a multi-generational Californian and multi-generational teacher, Joyce was born with teaching in her DNA!

A regional officer in the Masonic Youth Organization in high school, Joyce began focusing her career path on her passion for teaching and young children at a very young age.

Having also taken her first 12 Early Childhood Education units while still in high school, Joyce started her first position in a Montessori classroom the summer following her graduation from high school.

Joyce was hooked on Montessori and subsequently earned her AMI Montessori Certification through The Northern California’s Teacher Training Center in 1986.

Over the next 5 years she progressively advanced through the teaching ranks  eventually becoming a Lead Guide and ultimately, Site Director (a.k.a. Head of School).

It was during the next stage of her career that Joyce met our Executive Director, Colleen Noll. Together in the late 1990’s Joyce and Colleen teamed up to run the very successful Montessori Academy in San Jose.

Eventually Joyce and Colleen’s passion for Montessori led to them forming their own schools (Joyce bought Tomorrow Montessori in San Jose and Colleen founded Calaveras Montessori).  Together they also launched a Montessori teacher training program.

Having recently sold Tomorrow Montessori, Joyce has joined The Montessori School of Silicon Valley (MSOSV) leadership team to lead the development of our teacher training and mentoring program that will enable our teaching staff to greatly expand their Montessori knowledge and understanding with an emphasis on the practical application of the method to children enrolled in all MSOSV programs.

In parallel with the development of MSOSV’s internal training and mentoring programs, Joyce is leading the development of a new MACTE accredited Montessori training program.

Joyce loves watching the independence of the child develop as we provide them with a life long love of learning.

MSOSV is very fortunate to have someone join our team with Joyce’s breadth and depth of Montessori experience.

Sarah Jeremiah

Director of Marketing Operations

Ms. Sarah J. first started with us as Assistant Head of School at Main Street Montessori School in August 2019. After a year she was promoted to Director of Marketing Operations, where her latest endeavor has been working behind the scenes on the multiple systems being used in our Montessori@Home offering. Considering her background in Film, she also enthusiastically took on the responsibility of video content curator for all the wonderful videos our staff are creating.

She was born in Singapore, and moved to Fremont, California when she was 10 years old. While in Singapore, she had the privilege of being a part of the pioneer Kindergarten class at P & J Montessori School; which continues to thrive today.

After graduating from Irvington High School, Ms. Sarah J. attended the University of California Santa Cruz where she majored in Film & Digital Media. Throughout her high school and college career she enjoyed spending her summers working with children through her church community as well as other outdoor camp programs.

Prior to joining the Montessori School of Silicon Valley, she worked as a program manager at a tech company. However, after almost 5 years in the fast paced tech world, she wanted a change of pace. She first heard of MSOSV after a friend asked if she would work one-on-one with their child who was attending Calaveras Montessori. After a few months of being in the classroom full time, she learned that although she enjoyed working with the children, her strength was in administration.

She enjoys learning more about the Montessori philosophy as an adult after having been a Montessori child!