Kindergarten / 3rd Year Montessori Program

3-6 years, includes Kindergarten

Offered at All Locations

“The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six. For that is the time when man’s intelligence itself, his greatest implement, is being formed.”

The 3rd Year – The Montessori Milestone

The MSOSV 3rd year is a pivotal program that completes the Montessori cycle for your Kindergartner. Learn why Kindergarten at MSOSV is the Milestone year.

As with all of our programs, the Kindergarten – 3rd year offering at the Montessori School of Silicon Valley provides a unique, open environment that emphasizes your child’s natural interests and allows your child to set his or her own developmental pace.

The Montessori education journey all began with Dr. Maria Montessori. Through scientific observations, she determined children learn best at their own pace and given the choice of activities.

The practical application of sensory-based and self-directed learning is the most important thread across all our programs including Kindergarten – 3rd year Montessori.

Each program builds on the one before it, providing challenges appropriate to both age and skill levels.

  • Language
  • Mathematics
  • Cultural Studies
  • Spatial learning
  • Self-discovery
  • Leadership
  • Music & Art

These are all incorporated into our approach. In addition, we offer afternoon Studio Enrichment Programs to enhance learning, including cooking, science, gardening and art.

Montessori School of Silicon Valley is a year-round school offering Summer Programs to maintain continuity of Montessori learning throughout the entire calendar year.

Montessori Kindergarten vs. Traditional Kindergarten

Child-led – Kinder students work together each day and assign themselves their individual work, as leaders of the community, they understand where they are in the sequence of learning. The students are to choose from each area of the classroom and complete the selected work during the daily 2.5 hour work period.

Guides assess the students daily/weekly – The Montessori Guide gives small and large group lessons to the Kindergarten students, reflects daily on each student and parents receive real-time updates through the Montessori Compass Recordkeeping and Communication app.

From concrete to abstract – During the Kindergarten year, the students move from the hands-on didactic materials to the abstract – The Kindergarten students create, edit, illustrate and publish their very own story. In addition, you will find the Kindergarten students performing long complicated math equations as well as many geography, zoology and botany experiments and projects.

Individualized Learning – No two Kindergarten students are at the same place, academically, emotionally or socially – observing the Kindergarten students, they may be working together on a project however the Guide helps them move through the work as individuals.

Why is this so different, and what makes Montessori Kindergarten so unique and desirable?

Montessori education was scientifically designed around stages of development. For example, children between the ages of 3-6 learn differently than those between age 6-9. Different times in life bring different cognitive abilities and capabilities.

At age 5, children are still learning through their senses, absorbing their surroundings. The students at this age move from the concrete to the abstract. The 3rd year allows these students to move in their own time. The Montessori Kindergarten uniquely serves students during this period of their development.

Traditional Kindergarten – Private or Public

Workbooks – There are some hands-on opportunities, however traditional Kindergarten students spend much of their Kindergarten time in textbooks and completing worksheets. (See What, no Briefcase??)

Curriculum standardized for all students – Traditional Kindergarten students are expected to learn with the group. This method might reach 20% of the students, the rest are left to try and catch up or wait for the group.

Test performance begins – The rote learning begins, and Kindergarten students start the memorization drills.

Same-age Classroom – Students are grouped by age and expected to perform academically as a group instead of as individuals.

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MSOSV Kindergarten

What Our Families Are Saying…

  • Parent of Wyatt

    Class of 2021, Attended Cabrillo Montessori since 2020

    Would recommend MSOSV’s Kindergarten program, especially because of the teachers and curriculum.

  • Parent of Emmett

    Class of 2023, Attended Cabrillo Montessori since 2019

    We like the small class sizes and the variety of subjects/topics covered. Absolutely would recommend MSOSV’s Kindergarten program, we love MSOSV.

  • Parent of Magnus

    Class of 2023, Attended Cabrillo Montessori since 2019

    We like the mixed aged classrooms, small kindergarten class, Montessori philosophy, great teachers. Absolutely would recommend MSOSV’s Kindergarten program, we love MSOSV.

  • Parent of Marcela

    Class of 2022, Attended Cabrillo Montessori since 2018

    We loved the organization and child’s freedom in the Montessori program. Kindergarten was a smooth continuation from the primary community education.

  • Parent of Quinn

    Class of 2021, Attended Calaveras Montessori since 2020

    I liked the journaling and weekly reading program where he would read a book and write a sentence or two about it. He didn’t get to partake in field trips because it was peak pandemic, but I’m excited for Mila to be able to benefit from that!

  • Parent of Roman

    Class of 2023, Attended Cabrillo Montessori since 2018

    I like the separate kindergarten time in the afternoon, the weekly kinder reports and the field trips. I love the class size of the MSOSV kinder program - its small enough for individual attention and large enough to have an actual cohort😊

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4400 W State Hwy 29
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