Offered here at our Crescent Montessori location to children 2 thru 3 years of age


Offered here at our Crescent location to children 3 years thru 5 years of age


Offered here at our Crescent Montessori location to children 3 thru 6 years of age


Crescent Montessori School of Silicon Valley

Founded in 2009, the Crescent Montessori School of Silicon Valley provides a fully implemented Montessori environment where children thrive intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

Crescent Montessori offers Milpitas families Montessori programs tailored to children aged 2 years through Kindergarten in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our school is equipped with well-designed Montessori materials and resources that facilitate a multi-sensory learning experience. We prioritize creating a nurturing and safe atmosphere, enabling children to develop self-confidence, empathy, and a love for learning.


1651 N Milpitas Blvd
Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone: (408) 263-8170

Programs Offered At This Location

Pre Primary

Ages 2-3


Ages 3-5


Ages 5-6

What Our Families Are Saying…

  • Vesien Huang, Parent of Audrie Huang

    My daughter has attended Crescent for 3 years since she was a Pre-Primary. Her teachers have always been patient and dedicated. The director and staff have been caring and loving. It continues to amaze me how my daughter has grown and learned so much since she started at Crescent. We are thankful to have found a program that allows my child to be eager to learn, be creative and self-dependent. We did not hesitate to let our daughter continue in the Kindergarten program at this school because we know she will continue to flourish!

  • Ines and Steve Gonzales, Parents of Kal and Emmy

    I live in Cupertino School District (one of the best in California) and I chose to send my daughter Emmy to Crescent Montessori for Kindergarten. I am so happy that my husband and I made this choice. Emmy receives personalized attention from two fabulous teachers who are caring and responsive. For example, at the formal conference in the fall, her teachers shared samples of Emmy’s work and we came up with a plan to tailor the homework and spelling test to her level. I saw the changes right away in her homework folder. Informally, they bring any issues to my attention so that we can address them quickly as a team. Emmy gained confidence being one of the older children in the classroom and all the perks that came from being a third year student. The younger children look up to the older children in the classroom and lean compassion and responsibility from helping them in the classroom. The monthly field trips give them a chance to explore the community with their peers. I am amazed at how much and what Emmy learns. She talk about the solar system, volcanoes, practices math at the dinner table, and eagerly does her homework. She is truly thriving and maturing in this third year and I am confident that Crescent is giving her the best head start possible.

Staff Photos and Bios

Jea Landicho

Head of School

Ms. Jea has been working with children for over 8 years, and every single day she finds her career fulfilling and enriching. She received her AMS Montessori Credentials in May 2018 and is on track to receive her BA in Early Childhood Education in 2020.

She began her journey at Crescent Montessori School as an assistant in the Pre Primary community in 2015. Shortly after she was promoted to the Primary community, and then eventually promoted again to Lead Guide in Van Gogh in 2016. She was deeply inspired by the Montessori philosophy on how children are more likely to become self-reliant and capable learners when in a prepared environment. With a more interactive approach and a peaceful atmosphere, she discovered that children develop their love of learning, which is essential to becoming a more successful adult. It is this method and approach to learning that drives Ms. Jea to be more passionate.

Working at Crescent Montessori school has opened her eyes to the capability and potential children have when given the chance to learn independently. In 2019 Ms. Jea was once again promoted, this time as the Head of School. She is now taking all she learned as a Lead Guide to ensure that each child and family has a wonderful experience at Crescent Montessori School. Ms. Jea and her team are committed to helping children develop their own capabilities and reach their fullest potential.

Chantal Rule

Assistant Head of School

Ms. Chantal joined Montessori School of Silicon Valley in July 2020 as an Aide and then Distance Learning Support teacher at our Crescent location, and then in August 2021 moved to our Main Street location to be the Assistant Teacher in our Sycamore community. In February 2022 she took on the role of Assistant Head of School while continuing to serve as Assistant Teacher in our Maple community. After three months within her dual role Ms. Chantal transitioned into a dual Assistant Head of School role, where she supported our Calaveras location in addition to our Main Street location. With the closure of our Main Street location, Ms. Chantal has now transitioned back to our Crescent location where she is Assistant Head of School.

Among the ECE classes Ms. Chantal has completed through Theoria College, her favorites have been Child Growth & Development, Curriculum & Theory, Child Family & Community and Music & Movement.

Ms. Chantal’s newfound passion for teaching comes from an immense desire to help give our children the support she wished she had but didn’t always receive when she was their age. The second she stepped foot in MSOSV, she fell in love with not just the philosophy but just as importantly our wonderful teaching staff. And from that moment Ms. Chantal knew she wanted to be a part of our team so that she could fulfill that desire of providing our children with the love and support they deserve in order to help them grow and thrive.

Watching the children grow up and go through each phase of development before her own eyes is the most fulfilling. Ms. Chantal says, “There’s nothing as rewarding as seeing the students you teach go from barely being able to speak to reading a book to you and writing you full sentences. It’s a very beautiful transition to watch”.

In her spare time you’re most likely to find her beachside or lakeside anywhere there’s sun and warmth. On those colder days Ms. Chantal is happiest crafting or relaxing while re-watching her favorite shows and movies.

Fun fact: Ms. Chantal always eats her cupcakes from the bottom up because the frosting is her favorite, after all they say you should always save the best for last!

Sujata Sudan

Lead Primary Guide
Monet Community

Ms. Sujata started working with the Montessori School of Silicon Valley in November 2021 as an Assistant at our Main Street location. Having embraced her passion for early childhood education, Ms. Sujata became a Studio Lead before becoming Primary Lead Guide of the Monet Primary Community in May 2023. Prior to joining this organization, her journey began in India, where she dedicated three years volunteering at a preschool. Additionally, she actively participated in a non-governmental organization (NGO), contributing her efforts to the food bank and providing essential medical resources to underprivileged children.

To enhance her knowledge and skills in child development, Ms. Sujata pursued child development units at Mission College. She is currently enrolled in the Montessori Primary Credential program at MTEC, furthering her commitment to delivering quality Montessori education.

Ms. Sujata’s heart has been captured by the Montessori philosophy, which emphasizes a child’s direct learning, fostering independence and freedom within set boundaries, allowing them to develop at their own pace and nurture their unique potential. She was drawn to this profession because of the appeal that no two days will be the same when working with children. Encouraging and motivating them in their learning journey brings her immense joy, especially when witnessing their triumphant moments like writing their first letter independently or completing a challenging puzzle. The sheer delight on their faces makes every effort worthwhile.

During her free time, Ms. Sujata finds solace in activities like meditation, long walks, and hiking, which bring her a sense of calm and tranquility. She recently embarked on a musical adventure by acquiring a ukulele and is teaching herself through online tutorials. However, her most treasured moments are spent with her 12-year-old daughter. A unique aspect about Ms. Sujata is her ability to find joy and establish meaningful connections with individuals of all ages. Whether conversing with a two-year-old or an octogenarian, she derives equal delight from engaging in conversations that can span hours. This quality allows her to appreciate the diverse perspectives and wisdom that people of different ages have to offer.

Kaho Naemura

Lead Primary Guide
Van Gogh Community

Ms. Kaho took her first step into the world of teaching in high school when she decided to join a program called Teaching Academy during her Junior and Senior year. Since then, she has always known that education was her true calling. After graduating from her high school, she earned her ECE units from California College of Early Childhood Education in 2017 and is on track to receive her Primary Montessori credentials at the Montessori Teacher Education Center.

She has been working with children for almost three years and first joined the MSOSV community at our Crescent Montessori location in January 2018 as a Floater Teacher, before she was promoted to the Primary community as an assistant teacher in 2019. Then eventually she was promoted to Lead Guide of our Maple community at our Main Street Montessori location in 2020. With the closing of Main Street, we are so excited to welcome Ms. Kaho back to our Crescent Montessori location.

Ms. Kaho is drawn to the Montessori method because of its emphasis on concrete, child-directed learning, and building confidence, self-sufficiency and resilience through education. The powerful meaning behind the Montessori philosophy makes her strongly believe that children are born with an innate desire to learn and explore the world around them, and how each child has certain gifts that are their own. She has also been inspired by many great teachers and children in the Montessori community and how they model respect, patience, and kindness to each other. She hopes to implement what she has learned from them and the Montessori philosophy into her Maple community.

Other than spending her time looking for new ideas on Pinterest and shopping for classroom materials at Michaels, she enjoys reading or writing short novels at her desk with a cup of tea and her family dog, Luna, taking a nap on her lap.

Hannah Hebron

Lead Primary Guide
O’Keeffe Community

Ms. Hannah is the Lead Primary Guide in the O’Keeffe Community at Crescent Montessori School.

She has been teaching at Crescent Montessori since 2011 and recently obtained her AMS Montessori Certification in Primary Education and Early Childhood.

Her Montessori journey began at Crescent as an assistant in the Pre-Primary community. After several years in that community, she began working with the Primary age children in the Monet community and then moved to the O’Keeffe community.

She enjoys working with children to help them develop their growth and independence.

She is enthusiastic about being a member of the Crescent Montessori community and having the opportunity to work with the wonderful staff and children.

Alejandra Llamas

Lead Pre Primary Guide
Cassatt Community

Ms. Alejandra has been working at Crescent Montessori for almost 5 years and is currently the Lead Pre Primary Guide of the Cassatt community. She started as an assistant for both Pre Primary and Primary communities, but found her calling within the Pre Primary community.

She is currently finishing her practicum training through the Montessori Teacher Education Center (MTEC) and is set to receive her certificate in May 2021.

Ms. Alejandra loves how independent children can be at such a young age. She is fascinated at how capable children can be if we let them and so she wants to continue to learn with the children. Ms. Alejandra always wanted to be a teacher just like her older sister, and she truly believes that educating children is a rewarding choice.

In her spare time, Ms. Alejandra loves to sing, hike, and explore different places. She also picked up a new hobby which is gardening!

Ms. Alejandra encourages us all to be happy because life is better when you are laughing!

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