• Transitioning to Elementary from MSOSV Kindergarten

    How will my child transition from MSOSV to a traditional learning environment for elementary?

    A Montessori Elementary Classroom may be an option.

    MSOSV recommends the following elementary programs:

    • Montessori School of Fremont – Fremont, CA
    • Casa di Mir Montessori – Campbell, CA
    • Community Montessori – Georgetown, TX
    • Goodwater Montessori – Georgetown, TX

    A question regarding this transition may be, ‘How will my child adjust?’ Parents may ask just that when they need to decide where their child will be continuing their educational journey after years within a Montessori learning environment. Whether it is transitioning from a Montessori preschool to a public kindergarten, or the transition happens later, maybe after 3rd or 5th grade, this same question raises concerns for many parents.

    Current Studies

    Most parents’ concerns are focused on two primary areas: academics and socialization. Some children may be bored at first and ready to move onto the next concept before the rest of the class. Everyone in the class doing the same thing at the same time is a new concept and unlike Montessori work, and it definitely requires adjustment for Montessori children.

    A longitudinal research study supported by AMI was conducted on 400 students in Milwaukee. Click here to see the study for your reference.

    Criteria used for the research study
    • 50% of the students received public school education from kindergarten to graduation; the other 50% attended Montessori schools through 5th grade before transitioning into the public school system.
    • The two groups were carefully matched in terms of gender, ethnicity and family financial status.
    • At the end of the study, which was conducted between 1997-2007, test scores and GPAs were compared.
    Summary of the Academics
    • Students who had received Preschool – Grade 5 Montessori education not only outperformed the other student group in math and science test scores, but also graduated with higher GPAs.
    • The study concluded that early Montessori education had a long-term impact on later public school performance.
    • Students transitioned excellently on an academic level.
    Important skills learned at MSOSV Montessori
    • MSOSV educated children have learned the core values of respect for self, respect for others and respect for the environment from an early age.
    • Their mixed-age classrooms have allowed them to interact with a more diverse social circle than most other children their age.
    • MSOSV children have learned to interact peacefully with others using conflict resolution and social interaction strategies.
    • Research studies have also shown that Montessori students demonstrate a greater sense of fairness and justice, and they are more likely to choose positive responses for dealing with social dilemmas.
    • These skills serve them extremely well as they move into their new classrooms and begin making new friends.

    The kindergarten students are wrapping up the first “plane of development”.

    The “What is it?” Plane

    Children between the ages of 0 through 6 are in the “discovery” mode. They are driven as if my an internals force to interact with the environment and absorb all the information. They touch everything. This is a naturally self-centered time because little children have an immense task to focus on: building the foundation for life.

    As kindergarten graduates, they are now entering the next “plane of development”.

    The “Why is it?” Plane

    Around age 6 or so, we see some striking changes occur: Their bodies begin to change, they no longer become sick as often, their baby teeth are replaced with adult teeth etc. These 6-year-olds begin to reason about and want to understand why does the earth go around the sun, what is right and what is wrong for example. Friend groups emerge and become very important.

    In school, students in the second plane begin to work collaboratively and ask “why”. They seek to understand.

    As MSOSV kindergarten graduates, these students are ready for this change. The change in environment, working together on group projects, the solving of problems and of course beginning to understand how they fit in socially. This step is very natural moving from MSOSV to a traditional elementary school.


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