• MSOSV Kindergarten School Year – The Conclusion of the MSOSV Kindergarten

    The MOSOV kindergarten students have become the “masters”, and they are now ready to re-invent themselves.

    Dr. Montessori believed that children re-invented themselves every six years. The Montessori classroom communities are based on these planes, grouping students into 3-year age groups.

    Now the MSOSV kindergarten students will be finishing their 3rd year.

    • This was the year of “MASTERY”
    • They became the “LEADER”
    • They became the “MENTOR”
    • They explored the Montessori materials in a very different way, gaining new depth as they took the work from “CONCRETE” to “ABSTRACT”.

    All MSOSV kindergarten students will have been challenged, with high expectations set. This has allowed each student to develop an internalized sense of self-discipline and purpose.

    As the MSOSV kindergarten students move into their next plane of development, the “SOCIAL” Plane – ages 6-12, here is what you can expect:

    • Notice their friends in a while new way
    • Begin to test their roles with their peer groups and families
    • Broaden their sense of self – begins to extend to the global community.
    • Their imagination develops coupled with real-life experiences and can begin to include lessons in far-off places, culturally specific values, people and scientific ideas.
    • An almost insatiable energy drives their great curiosity. Driving them to learn as much as they can.

    With the MSOSV kindergarten background, the graduated kindergarten students now walk into the elementary classroom remembering their days in kindergarten. As a kindergartener they were the leader of the classroom, they knew where everything was and even helped to lead the classroom community along with their lead guide.

    During the first year of elementary school, the world changes.

    Now a beginner student in a world of older students.

    At first, there may be a hint of anxiety, and lack of self-confidence, but this will not last long.

    They begin to interact with the other six-year-olds, who are also experiencing this change. They begin to work together, as peers, as friends and are ready to take on new challenges.

    As we conclude our look at the MSOSV Kindergarten Program, you can see the classroom, curriculum, staff and environment is tailored to the student’s plane of development. The students truly understand the concepts they were taught, not drills or rote memorization. The students have developed a love of learning and are ready for the next plane of development.

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    If your child is an Alumni of MSOSV’s Kindergarten Program and you would like to share your experience, we would love to hear from you and appreciate your time to share your thoughts.