• Is my child ready for Kindergarten/First Grade?

    • June 4, 2015
    • Posted By : Montessori School of Silicon Valley Staff
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    Alignment of Common Core Standards?  Montessori is already there!

    Is my child ready for Kindergarten/First Grade?

    One of the most frequent questions teachers hear is “Is my child ready for Kindergarten?”

    Considering that Kindergarten teachers simply ask that a child can sit still at circle and write their first and last name with a capital letter at the beginning of Kindergarten, well the simple answer is Yes!  Montessori four year olds far exceed most expectations in the second year of Montessori education.

    Can you imagine what a child who stays in a Montessori class for three years is capable of ?​

    Let’s review the Common Core Standards for the end of Kindergarten and find the counterpart in the Montessori classroom:

    Kindergarten Learning Outcome Montessori Materials
    Ability to wait and listen Practical Life, Circle Time, Walking the Line, Sensorial, Grace and Courtesy
    Emotional development Mixed-age grouping, independence, problem solving (conflict resolution), Grace and Courtesy
    Oral Language Development Conversations with adults and peers, Circle, informal and spontaneous conversation, Language and Sensorial
    Language-prewriting Pencil grip Transferring activities, Pin pushing, Easel, Sandpaper letters, Scissors, Metal Insets, Knobbed Cylinders, Sand Tray, Classroom library
    Language-prereading Sequencing, Patterning, Sandpaper letters, Moveable Alphabet, nomenclature 3-part cards, picture-word matching, phonics instruction
    Art Development Sensorial (color tablets and recognition), quality art materials, literature, process vs. product, nomenclature cards.
    Environmental Awareness Montessori Cultural Curriculum and maps, Geography lessons, stories, celebrations, daily schedule, circle time, Grace and Courtesy
    Print Awareness Classroom library, story time, direct instruction, Independent reading, Language cards, 3part nomenclature cards.
    Speaking audibly, expressing thoughts,  and ideas clearly Grace and Courtesy, Social interactions, The Question Game, reading.
    Addition and Subtraction Number Rods, Addition and Subtraction Boards, Stamp Game, Golden Beads, equation papers