• The Primary Montessori Environment

    • November 9, 2016
    • Posted By : Montessori School of Silicon Valley Staff
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    Welcome to the Primary Classroom! We would like to give you an introductory overview of our Montessori program. Our goals and methods align with the traditional Montessori approach to learning.

    Our foremost goal is to provide a prepared environment where your child is able to respond to his or her natural instinct to work and learn. Young children learn best through movement and their senses thus the children are moving their bodies and engaging their senses in each area of the classroom.

    Within this setting the teacher is a facilitator as she or he guides the child toward independence, exploration and a love of learning. For example, children are naturally drawn to the tasks of daily living, therefore Dr. Montessori established the Practical Life area. This area lays the foundation for the entire Montessori approach to education.

    The Practical Life tasks are what the new three-year-old child first explores in the classroom. As he or she progressively masters basic tactile, fine motor and organizational skills the challenges become more complex and abstract.

    These experiences prepare the child for further learning within the three other areas of the classroom- Sensorial, Math and Language. Through the use of the Montessori materials a sense of order is being developed in each of these areas as well.

    The Montessori Primary classroom consists of a three-year age mix (3-6yr. olds). This allows for both individual and social development. The older, more experienced children contribute their skills to the younger ones in the group and the younger ones are naturally encouraged to challenge themselves as they observe the older children’s work.

    The morning consists of a three-hour work period in order to allow the child ample time to choose work and complete cycles of activity without interruption. This time period also allows the children to strengthen their ability to concentrate and develop their attention to detail.

    This does not necessarily mean that they stay indoors the entire time since the Montessori environment includes the outdoors. There are many activities and explorations the child will participate in while outdoors in the garden and patio areas.

    Discovering the joy of learning and developing social and intellectual skills are fundamental to our Montessori program. The children are absorbing so much at this age and we want to ensure that they are happy, confident and nurtured throughout this process!