• Food Preparation and Thanksgiving Feasts

    • November 16, 2016
    • Posted By : Montessori School of Silicon Valley Staff
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    If you have taken the opportunity to check out our website, Facebook pages or twitter feeds, you have likely noticed that our children love food preparation in the classroom!

    Of course with Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we have been cooking even more with an emphasis on preparing a whole to share.

    The related skills the children have been learning in the classroom since start of school including preparing food, dividing portions, setting a table, eating and cleaning up together, clearing the table, washing dishes, sweeping the floor, etc.  are all real skills necessary for life outside the classroom.

    Learning to cook begins with the basic skills of pouring, spooning and mixing – all children favorites!  Baking incorporates all areas of the curriculum as the children learn how to measure, as well as the names of the ingredients, and where they come from.

    Our program includes the preparation of a Thanksgiving feast to provide children the opportunity to put all these skills to work in each of our classrooms.

    Every child participates in the preparation, serving and then the sharing of a Thanksgiving Feast together with their friends at school.

    At each one of our sites, you will see a beautiful table set, delicious food prepared by the children and hear the stories about what a wonderful meal it is.

    This is a long-standing tradition at the Montessori School of Silicon Valley.

    The children are very happy to share their experience so look for pictures of our Thanksgiving Feasts from all the MSOSV sites.

    We strongly encourage all families to talk with your children about your traditions at home and maybe even start a new tradition this year!