• New Blog Series: Montessori Kindergarten & Elementary

    • January 24, 2017
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    Montessori Kindergarten & Elementary

    The third year of the Montessori primary program (Kindergarten) is the culmination of the child’s social, emotional and academic experiences.

    By solidifying all the learning and experiences from the previous two years, the third year also prepares children for the next plane of educational development: the Elementary level.

    As the third year progresses and consideration regarding the next steps in their child’s educational journey begin, parents are faced with concerns and questions on multiple issues.

    Many things to consider

    The cost of tuition, school location, social impact, academic curriculum… these are amongst the most important of a long list of valid considerations that every family faces when choosing the next path on their child’s educational journey.

    New Blog Series

    To help parents through this process we have pulled together several resources the first of which is a new blog series where over the next several weeks we will explore:

    • The 3rd year of Montessori, why stay?
    • Ready for Montessori K? Now your 5 year-old is the leader.
    • Cost savings by staying in a full day Montessori Program.
    • Reading and writing in a Montessori Kindergarten program.
    • My 4 year-old says they have done EVERYTHING in the classroom.
    • Let’s hear from some Kindergarten graduates.
    • Transitioning to Elementary School, Montessori, Private or Public.
    • The day in the life of a Montessori Elementary Student.

    Additional resources for parents

    To further assist parents, we strongly encourage you to view this short video produced by the  American Montessori Society called Montessori Kindergarten: Empowering & Essential.

    This video provides valuable information about the benefits of having your child stay in a Montessori classroom for his or her pivotal Kindergarten year.

    Here are a couple of great articles that I am confident you will also find of value during your consideration process:

    25 Reasons to Keep Your Child in Montessori through Kindergarten –The Montessori Foundation

    Montessori Builds Innovators -Harvard Business Review

    How we can help

    The Montessori School of Silicon Valley is currently hosting a series of Kindergarten Information evenings for parents presented by our Montessori Lead Guides.  You can see the schedule here.

    These information events will be centered on addressing how and why completing the three-year-cycle with a Kindergarten year in Montessori will prepare your child with the academic and social skills that will set him or her up for future school success.

    Thanks for reading today.


    “Children First, Always”