• Cantera Montessori: Me and My Community – Fire Fighters

    September is always an exciting time in the Montessori environment. At MSOSV our schools begin the school year with “Me and My Community”. The topic of learning about Me and My Community offers the children the opportunity to learn about themselves, their community, and how it all connects within social contexts. This will allow them to expand their understandings of their community and the role others play to be helpful members of society.

    If you drove by Cantera Montessori today and saw a fire truck in the front of the school, do not be alarmed! The local Fire Department and Fire Fighters are always thrilled to show off their truck. The children got the chance to actually sit in the driver’s seat.

    The Fire Fighters help the children take their turns holding the hose. They are amazed at the power of the water rushing out.

    The children even got to try on the big fire hat!

    Although this is fun and exciting for the children, safety is on our minds.

    One of the Fire Fighters will dress up in the “Fire Gear”. This can be scary for young children. The fully dressed fire fighter will gently show the children that they should never be afraid.

    If there is a fire, children might hide. When they see the fire fighter inside – they might become more afraid.

    We spend this time in the school each year to talk and show the children how to respond if they are afraid and how the Fire Fighter is there to help them.

    While driving by you might see the children rolling around on the ground. They are practicing “Stop, Drop, Roll and Cover your Face”.

    More Community Helpers you might see at our school in September:

    • Garbage Truck Drivers
    • Police Officers
    • Canine Officers
    • Construction Workers and their vehicles including tractors and bulldozers
    • Dentists
    • Doctors
    • Veterinarians
    • Mail Carriers

    Often, our community helpers bring fun activities for the children to take home.

    Please ask your child tonight about what they learned today from the Fire Fighters.

    Learning About Fire Fighters