• A Montessori Silent Journey & Discovery

    An Invitation to Step Right into Your Child’s Shoes

    By Colleen Noll

    Enrolled families at MSOSV Cantera are invited to join us for the 2nd annual Montessori Silent Journey and Discovery for the Primary Communities, please reach out to Ms. Milinh for details.

    Parents enter the classroom community as their child, stepping right into their shoes to explore the Montessori Primary Classroom. This is their chance to:

    • Enjoy a hands-on experience using the beautiful Montessori materials that develop the deep conceptual understanding in the children.
    • Walk away with a rich understanding of what the child does every day at school.
    • Learn more about the Montessori curriculum and how the child grows with it.

    How does The Silent Journey work?

    The event will start out with a short introduction, followed by a “silent walk” through each of the different areas of the classroom community. This journey gives the parents an opportunity to observe and absorb all the details of the classroom community. The discovery portion of the day will include an opportunity for parents to receive a lesson, given by the lead guide. Each area of the classroom will have 4 different Montessori works. A lesson card is available at each workstation. Parents might find that a lesson from the guide is necessary. She will be there to give the lesson.

    This parent education workshop is the most comprehensive form of parent education that a Montessori school can offer. We begin with a commitment to leave cellphones outside the classroom and be fully present in the classroom community.

    Following the Silent Journey, parents will be asked to review their experiences and have the opportunity to ask questions.


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