• Overview of the MSOSV Kindergarten Series

    Please bookmark our Blog Page to follow the in depth look at MSOSV’s Kindergarten Year. Each week, we will take a deeper look at each aspect of the Montessori Kindergarten Program. This will include academic as well as social and emotional development.

    A peek into the first day of kindergarten:


    The students have spent the previous two years preparing for this day. They now have the maturity, development and academic readiness to begin to work as a team as well as follow their individual plans. They now begin meeting together in the Kindergarten classroom for 1.5 hours of academic work with targeted subject areas each day of the week. At first, they are a bit timid, with their new responsibilities of writing in their daily journal, creating their daily work plan, however excited to take their very first field trip!

    A peek into the last day of kindergarten:

    This group of students who started out a bit awkward and unsure of themselves are now confident leaders, many who are excelling in all academic areas. The leadership skills they gained during the year have them holding their heads high with assurance. They are ready to begin their journey in the 2nd plane of development.


    In this 12-week series, we will cover the following areas:

    • What the kindergarten students do each day to develop good academic habits and become leaders
    • An in depth look at each subject area
    • How families can see the growth throughout the year
    • Comparative analysis of Public Kindergarten vs. MSOSV Kindergarten – cost and curriculum
    • Comparative analysis of other Private Kindergarten vs. MSOSV Kindergarten


    MSOSV Kindergarten Registration opens on February 1st, Space is limited. RSVP for space at your MSOSV location for 2024/2025 Kindergarten school year.

    To be eligible for the MSOSV Kindergarten Program, students must turn 5 by September 1st.