• Montessori Work Plans MSOSV Kindergarten Year

    Purpose: To instill a sense of personal responsibility and accountability.

    Skills Taught: Using a Daily Work Plan, the Kindergarten students begin to take personal responsibility for their education. The students choose work that fits with their own academic growth and development. The Montessori Guide checks the Work Plan to ensure the students are not either moving too quickly through the work – or choosing work that is too easy. In the Montessori philosophy, we would call the above “The Direct Aim” for learning. The “Indirect Aim” includes continued practice with writing, spelling and reading well.

    What to Expect: Each day, during the uninterrupted morning work period, students will be completing a Montessori Work Plan. This work plan will consist of 4 tasks which will need to be completed throughout the day. The work plan is decided through a collaborative discussion between the Lead Guide and the individual student. The tasks will consist of language, math, geography or cultural, and a free choice (for example, it could be an art activity).

    When the day begins, the kindergarten students collect their clipboard with the Work Plan for the day. They might start out having a quick snack and thinking about the day ahead. Once they have chosen their work, the Montessori Guide will check to ensure the work is on task with their learning.

    As the K students complete each of the listed activities, they check off the Work Plan and show it to the Montessori Guide. Once they complete their work for the day, they can choose from any area of the classroom. They may choose to paint at the easel or complete a math equation booklet.

    Montessori Work Plans are designed to keep each student on track and accountable for the work they are choosing and completing throughout the morning work period.

    MSOSV Kindergarten Registration opens on February 1st, Space is limited. RSVP for space at your MSOSV location for 2024/2025 Kindergarten school year.

    To be eligible for the MSOSV Kindergarten Program, students must turn 5 by September 1st.


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