• Daily Journals for the Kindergarten Students

    Purpose: To practice writing skills as well as critical thinking skills. The kindergarten students develop good academic habits by starting their day with the Daily Journal.

    Skills Taught: Keeping this daily journal is one way to boost critical thinking skills in the kindergarten classroom. This is the beginning of teaching students to write in a structured way. By starting with personal daily journals, students can practice different types of writing, such as “narrative storytelling, opinion writing and informative writing”. The students practice word and letter spacing, the use of punctuation and capital letters as well as indenting a paragraph. As the year progresses, the Montessori Guide and the family can see the progress and improvement in the writing structure as well as writing style.

    What to Expect: Each day throughout the morning work period, a daily journal entry will be completed. This is a writing exercise designed to help formulate thoughts and ideas around a certain topic. The topic is chosen by the student (for example, zoo animals) and consists of a picture and written description or narrative related to the topic.

    The daily journal also includes writing practice of the date both in short and long form. The students also learn to write their home and school addresses and phone numbers.


    MSOSV Kindergarten Registration opens on February 1st, Space is limited. RSVP for space at your MSOSV location for 2024/2025 Kindergarten school year.

    To be eligible for the MSOSV Kindergarten Program, students must turn 5 by September 1st.


    Please bookmark our Blog Page to follow the in depth look at MSOSV’s Kindergarten Year. Each week, we will take a deeper look at each aspect of the Montessori Kindergarten Program. This will include academic as well as social and emotional development.