• Physical Education MSOSV Kindergarten Year

    In kindergarten, children begin to learn the value of physical activity. They should practice fitness while learning new movements and working to develop key social skills, including good sportsmanship.

    MSOSV Physical Education

    In addition to free play twice per day, the kindergarten students participate in:

    • Twice per week PE class
    • Daily Yoga
    • Weekly Nutrition
    PE Class

    During the twice per week PE class, the kindergarten students learn new activities. As they are approaching the 2nd plane of development, the students begin to organize games with rules and outcomes. They learn to take turns, to get up when they fall and to try again when practicing a new skill.

    Some games they kindergarten students participate in include:

    • Red Light Green Light
    • Four Square
    • Relay Racing: galloping, skipping, jumping, running, leaping and different ways of crawling

    Some individual physical education activities:

    • Jump rope
    • Hula Hoop
    • Chinese jump rope
    • Kicking a soccer ball
    Daily Yoga

    Each afternoon during the afternoon group circle, a different kinder student is chosen to lead the Yoga Circle. The rest of the primary and kinder students follow the lead of the kindergarten student, calling out and holding different yoga poses: Each day, all the primary and kindergarten students participate in 20-30 minutes of yoga.

    Some of the Yoga poses the children learn:

    • Downward Dog
    • Rock
    • Cobra

    The MSOSV kindergarten students participate in weekly nutrition with food preparation during the kindergarten work period. In the fall, the students may be making bread in the bread maker and churning their own butter. In the summer, the kindergarten student can be found cutting up delicious summer fruit to serve as kabobs. The students try new foods and talk about the importance of keeping a healthy body.


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