• Field Trips MSOSV Kindergarten Year

    During the Primary years, MSOSV brings the fieldtrip to the school. Safety is the biggest concern for young children. When the students reach the 3rd year, the kindergarten year, they are ready to venture out and go on monthly field trips.

    Real-World Experiences

    Field trips are a great way to reinforce the lessons learned in the Montessori classroom. Talking and reading about concepts is one thing, but having the opportunity to experience them firsthand is quite another altogether. By attending a field trip, the kindergarten student is able to solidify their understanding and can now have a real-world experience to refer to.

    Some of the best kindergarten memories are made on the fieldtrips. They combine the excitement of exploring new places, participating, and engaging in new activities and experience the joy of education and continue to develop a love of learning.

    Developing Social Skills

    With the opportunities for collaborative activities, discussions, and shared experiences that field trips offer, it’s no wonder that field trips help students grow their social skills. Field trips also offer the unique opportunity for students to interact with individuals outside of the classroom like tour guides or animal experts providing them with real-world conversation experiences and practice talking to new people. MSOSV staff and parent chaperones are present to keep the students safe and accounted for. Field trips also offer an opportunity to speak with your class about how to stay safe in public, a necessary lesson that can boost confidence and independence.

    MSOSV campuses join for monthly field trips. The students get to know other students while on field trips. At the end of the school year, a party at a local park is a great way to wrap up the kindergarten year.

    A few examples of the monthly field trip:
    • Local Library
    • Pumpkin Patch
    • Museum
    • Planetarium
    • A trip to the theatre for a play

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    If your child is an Alumni of MSOSV’s Kindergarten Program and you would like to share your experience, we would love to hear from you and appreciate your time to share your thoughts.