• Leadership MSOSV Kindergarten Year

    By the third year of the Montessori journey, MSOSV kindergarten students have been waiting two years to become one of the older students in the class – they are now the “Leaders”.

    The Montessori Kindergarten students naturally help the younger children do their work, even presenting Montessori lessons!

    Time and time again, research has shown that when one person is teaching another, the “teacher” often learns just as much, if not more, than the person receiving the lesson.

    Teaching reinforces learning and creates students who have a deep love of learning.

    Beyond Academic Achievement

    Kindergarten students in the Montessori Primary classroom (3–6 year old’s) play a very important role in the classroom environment, providing guidance to the younger children, as the previous Kindergarten students once did for them.

    In this natural leadership role, the Montessori Kindergarteners:

    • Are empathetic.
    • Have increased self-confidence.
    • Display high enthusiasm for the learning process.
    • Know the in’s & outs of the daily classroom routine.
    • Are conscious of being the oldest in the class – a time they have waited for with great anticipation.
    • Demonstrate collaboration and a willingness to ask for help.

    Having grown up together in a mixed age classroom, the Montessori Kindergarten students look out for one another, regardless of differences in age, gender and cultural backgrounds.

    All skills and traits they can use to adapt to any new situation throughout their life.

    The Early Characteristics of a Leader

    Advanced academics are certainly a great and critical benefit of the Montessori Kindergarten year. However, it is important to understand the kindergarten student is becoming a confident, kind and self-assured person – the early characteristics of a leader.

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