• Montessori at Home Series: 0-12 Months

    If you want to Introduce Montessori in your Home Environment

    0-6 Months

    • Mirror along the floor where baby can lay on a soft rug or floor cushion – let your baby explore themselves up close
    • Mobiles – Do it yourself mobiles – using a suncatcher, securely fasten different photos, pictures etc.
    • Wall art in baby’s room – place them where your baby will see them. Above the changing table, in front of car seat, attached to the mobile. Babies up to one month old cannot differentiate tones of colors – Black and white with some red color is great pictures to use. In month 2, add primary colors and more complicated shapes. Be mindful to not overstimulate with too many pictures. Choose one or two at a time, and switch out
    • Lay blanket outside on grass in the shade. Read short board books, I also love board books that are also fun songs. Raffi songs are beloved songs – “Baby Beluga”, “Wheels on the Bus”, “Down by the Bay” are just a few.

    6-9 Months

    • Use real fruit to learn different textures, let baby hold a banana, pineapple and an orange. Your baby will love to taste this fruit once you cut it up.
    • The best teacher is nature. Introduce your little one to the real world of meaningful activities that are natural and engaging. Be with your baby, learn when to step in, step back, observe and guide.
    • Lay on a blanket under a tree, watch the wind blow the leaves, you might see a bird or two.
    • Make GOOP! Use water left from boiling beetroot, add cornflower, this is safe and fun.
    • Re-use tissue boxes, 9-month-old children enjoy placing something inside the box, various textures. Let your baby place them in one at a time and then take them out.

    9-12 Months

    • Baby is now using both hands – they are starting to throw things. soft balls used to roll, kick and encourages baby to reach for the ball that has rolled away
    • Scarves of assorted color are incredibly fun
    • Around 9 months, your baby will begin to pull herself up. a pull up bar next to the mirror is a perfect solution.
    • Balls with little loops to tie colorful short ribbons that are safe for little ones

    My favorite book to recommend to new parents who would like to learn more about Montessori in the Home: “Montessori From the Start” – Paula Polk Lillard