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Main Street Montessori School of Silicon Valley

Main Street Montessori School of Silicon Valley is a fully implemented Montessori environment founded in 2012.

Our classrooms have mixed ages and our head teachers are formally certified in the Montessori Method.

We offer programs for children 2½ years to 6 years old with toilet independence which includes our Primary and Kindergarten classrooms


630 South Main Street
Milpitas, California 95035
Phone: (408) 586-8643

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Ages 5-6

What Our Families Are Saying…

John Family

Mendoza Family

  • T. mother to 4 year old girl

    Our daughter has been attending Main Street Montessori for a little over a year now. She enjoys going to school each day and seeing her teachers and classmates. We often find her happily singing new songs she learns from class, and she tries to teach us as if she is the teacher. She especially loves the new after- hours art studio and cooking/gardening studio sessions.

  • MV mother to 3.5 year old boy

    My son started at Main Street Montessori when he barely turned three. He is currently three and a half years old, and in the matter of a few months I could see him grow more in so many ways. I notice his independence increase, his vocabulary exploded, and love for learning seems limitless. The teachers are professional, knowledgeable, caring and nurturing, I trust them every day to guide him to be the best he could be socially, emotionally, and academically, yet most importantly as a unique individual. Their connection with my son is warm. He loves coming to school, it’s like a second home for him. I couldn’t ask for a better place for my son to grow, learn and thrive. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  • Parent

    My daughter has been going to Main Street Montessori since she was 3 years old. She’s five now, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to start her off in MSM after we moved here from Virginia

  • Parent

    My daughter has really blossomed over the last 2.5 years at MSM. From a shy child, she’s grown into a confident little girl. To start with, the atmosphere in the school is very welcoming and joyous. I have never seen a child crying while coming into class. At the age of 2.5 – 3, this mattered a lot me, to create a positive impression about school and MSM succeeded in doing that.

  • GS mother to 5 year old girl

    I am very happy with the teaching methods, which focuses on concepts rather than rote learning. The teachers have always been very responsive to questions and concerns. The director, it is evident, herself believes strongly in the Montessori Method and that passion comes through in the work everyone in the school does. It’s a balanced curriculum with arts, dance, cooking, gardening, in addition to academics. A special mention about the kindergarten program – my daughter is proud to be a kindergartner and I can see why. At 5, she can read chapter books, write stories, do basic multiplication and has even started cursive writing. I couldn’t have asked for more.

  • Parent

    Choosing a school for your kid is never easy and as part of our search we looked at many aspects of schooling for our child and surprisingly Main Street Montessori came back on top in every list. So with a sense of cautious optimism that comes along with sending your kid to school for the first time, we sent our son to Main Street Montessori. And one year on we are glad that we did!

  • SA mother to 4.5 year old boy

    The atmosphere in the school is clean, pleasant and inviting with a very caring and engaging staff, truly they put children first always. We are very thankful to the Teachers and staff at Main Street Montessori

Staff Photos and Bios

Marissa Parker

Head of School

Ms. Marissa Parker was born and raised in San Jose, CA. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development and is in the process of earning her Master’s Degree in Education with an emphasis in Technology.

She began her career at Montessori School of Silicon Valley in 2018. After just a short time she gained a deep interest in the Montessori philosophy and began taking classes at the Montessori Teacher Education Center to help further her knowledge of the Montessori Method.

After being the Lead Guide in our Sycamore Primary community, she was promoted to the Enrollment Coordinator in 2019 and shortly following that she transitioned into the Head of School role in January of 2020. Ms. Marissa is dedicated to making sure every family has a positive experience at the school. Her favorite part about working at Main Street Montessori is being able to engage with the parents and hear all the wonderful stories of how their children are growing and developing, academically and socially. You can truly see her heart poured into the school upon your first step in the doors.

For 9 years prior to being at MSOSV, she worked with children from ages 6 months to 12 years in various settings, including childcare, elementary schools and community centers.

Ms. Marissa loves being an educator and part of the school community. She is inspired every day to leave a positive impact on each and every family she encounters. Her love for education stems from working with children hands on, allowing her to make a difference in the lives of her students and shape the world around them. She believes in investing in the children in her community and giving them the tools they need to reach their highest potential.

In Ms. Marissa’s spare time she likes to travel, use her creative brain and spend time with her husband and dogs.

Rosie Salas

Assistant Head of School

From a very young age Ms. Rosie knew she wanted to work with the children and families in her community after having a great experience with her kindergarten teacher as a child.

In 2005 Ms. Rosie began teaching and in 2013 she completed her Montessori degree in Early Childhood Primary and earned her Montessori Credential from the American Montessori Society.

In 2013 she began working for Montessori School of Silicon Valley as Lead Guide in the Sequoia community at Cabrillo Montessori . In 2019, she became the Assistant Head of School for Cabrillo Montessori and in 2020 she took on Main Street Montessori too.

Montessori is a big part of her life not only at MSOSV, but also at home with her own children. Her favorite part about working in our schools is being able to share the Montessori philosophy with every family she encounters. She also loves to see the smiles of the children and see how happy families are to see their little ones learn and grow in our Montessori environments.

Ms. Rosie’s inspiration stems from wanting to support children to achieve their highest potential as well as helping families as best she can. Ms. Rosie finds it rewarding to be able to see the children work, watch them grow and achieve various milestones. Not only does she enjoy guiding the children in her community, but she enjoys learning from them too.

During her free time she appreciates crafting, spending time with her family and baseball. She is bubbly, easy going and loves succulents and Frida Kahlo.

Krystal Gallardo

Lead Primary Guide
Sycamore Community

Ms. Krystal first started working in education three years ago. She learned at a young age that she wanted to work with children and began nannying for several families in 2010. After that she realized she had a passion for working with children and began working in a preschool setting as an assistant teacher.

In 2018, Ms. Krystal joined our MSOSV community as one of our main assistant teachers and Studio Leads, working under a great mentor Lead Guide who helped shape her into the teacher she is today. Then in 2020 Ms. Krystal embarked on her first year of teaching as Lead Guide of our Sycamore community.

She is currently taking her Montessori training at North American Montessori Center and is expected to complete her Montessori credential in Winter of 2020. Her inspiration to become a Montessori teacher stems from the philosophy of following the child. She believes it is really important to understand the needs and desires of each and every child. Her favorite part about teaching is getting to know each child’s personality and be able to have the chance to watch them grow, physically and academically.

During her free time, she is usually experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes that involve revamping her family’s Filipino home-cooking or perfecting various desserts. She is also an outdoorsy person, who loves taking her friends out to beaches or hiking spots. On simpler days, she loves reading hopeless romantic novels in her backyard with some type of iced beverage in hand.

Kaho Naemura

Lead Primary Guide
Maple Community

Ms. Kaho took her first step into the world of teaching in high school when she decided to join a program called Teaching Academy during her Junior and Senior year. Since then, she has always known that education was her true calling. After graduating from her high school, she earned her ECE units from California College of Early Childhood Education in 2017 and is on track to receive her Primary Montessori credentials at the Montessori Teacher Education Center.

She has been working with children for almost three years and first joined the MSOSV community at our Crescent Montessori location in January 2018 as a Floater Teacher, before she was promoted to the Primary community as an assistant teacher in 2019. Then eventually she was promoted to Lead Guide of our Maple community at our Main Street Montessori location in 2020.

Ms. Kaho is drawn to the Montessori method because of its emphasis on concrete, child-directed learning, and building confidence, self-sufficiency and resilience through education. The powerful meaning behind the Montessori philosophy makes her strongly believe that children are born with an innate desire to learn and explore the world around them, and how each child has certain gifts that are their own. She has also been inspired by many great teachers and children in the Montessori community and how they model respect, patience, and kindness to each other. She hopes to implement what she has learned from them and the Montessori philosophy into her Maple community.

Other than spending her time looking for new ideas on Pinterest and shopping for classroom materials at Michaels, she enjoys reading or writing short novels at her desk with a cup of tea and her family dog, Luna, taking a nap on her lap.

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