• Montessori at Home Series: 12-18 Months

    Montessori at Home with your 12-18 month old baby

    Your child now can move freely, it is time to secure your home, but allow as little restriction as possible. Make it safe and accessible.

    • Set up a few baskets in different parts of your home with objects for your child to discover, touch, smell, taste. Baskets should be easy to access and reach. All items should be natural and able to grasp
      • Wooden items – wooden spoon, wooden animal shape
      • Play fruit and vegetables
      • Balls of various texture
      • Rattles
      • Musical instruments
      • Hairbrush, mirror, comb
    • Talk with your child – listen to what they have to say
    • Please avoid any screen time until at least age 2
    • Share books together with photos of people and animals (real is better than cartoon)
    • Create a photo album with happy photos of family, mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma etc.
    • Allow your child to use fingers when eating
    • Let them have a small cup for drinking – you might even place the cup on a low shelf where your little one can get to it on their own.
    • Let your child wipe the table they use after eating. A table their size with their own small chair is very attractive to your child at this age (avoid the TV in front of their table/chair)
    • While cooking or cleaning in the kitchen, allow your child to explore your pots and pans. They will really enjoy picking up, dropping, listening to the wonderful sounds of the different sizes and shapes. Lots of discovery.

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