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Montessori Preschool: Pausing for the Dandelions

Montessori Peace Education

gratitude appreciation peace education montessori classroom “History should not be taught as a collection of dates and places. But rather be approached to arouse gratitude and appreciation. This gratitude should be aroused first to the law and order of the universe and the preparation of the environment into which human beings came.” ~ Dr. Maria […]

New Blog Series: Montessori Kindergarten & Elementary

Montessori Kindergarten & Elementary

Montessori Kindergarten & Elementary The third year of the Montessori primary program (Kindergarten) is the culmination of the child’s social, emotional and academic experiences. By solidifying all the learning and experiences from the previous two years, the third year also prepares children for the next plane of educational development: the Elementary level. As the third year […]